We are on a mission to make life easier through products and services! Everytime we do anything, we always have a thought in the back of our heads saying “can this be done easier?”


At Firtal, people are our #1 priority. That means we strive for doing good business, but most of all to educate the best people in the business. That shines through the whole organisation, and all the way to our customers! Not one goes by without our people learn something new.


We are in it to have fun. And we have fun when we create sustainable business. There are a lot of ways to build sustainable businesses, but our approach is to have fun while doing it. At Firtal everyone looks forward coming to work every day – also mondays!


Everyone in our companies has the possibility to influences major parts of the company. It is important for us to empower everyone to change things – to make life easier for everyone. Benjamin Franklin ones said: “Tell me and i’ll forget, teach me and i may remember, involve me and i will learn” – we live by this quote!


We are a data driven company. That means that if we have data, we use data, if we don’t have data, we create data. And if that is not possible, we go with our experienced gut.

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